How to Make Coffee Using a Macchinetta, Espresso Stovetop Maker Bialetti Moka Express 비알레티로 커피 만들기

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  1. Philip Sabater
    Philip Sabater says:

    look i have this same thing and i suggest that to clean try two things
    1) baking soda rub it with a cloth the part u wan to clean the rinse with hot water.
    2) vinegar with warm water add a dap of baking soda and then rinse off.

    i spend at least 10min cleaning it to keep it clean and this is what i use every time it really works comment if it works for you???? 

  2. ponchopitt
    ponchopitt says:

    hi Eugenie, good video, i would like to know how to clean it before using it, and if you can give us some tips or tricks for how to eliminate the metalic flavour on our coffe with this kind of machine ! thank you !

  3. Steven Berger
    Steven Berger says:

    I have the Bialetti Moka 6 cup maker. But I live alone and do not need that much coffee? Is it possible to adjust the amount of water and coffee so that I can make just enough for me?

  4. jpab29YT
    jpab29YT says:

    Hi Eugenie! We use Lavazza Super Crema and the same espresso brewer you have but can't get the crema still. 🙁 is the coffee ground very fine? I have an electric stove though. Were you heating it in a steady temperature like medium heat until it boiled? That would be #5 with my stove. Thanks. 🙂


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