How to Make Coffee Using a Camping Percolator

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  1. My Damn Channel
    My Damn Channel says:

    fill your coffee pot about half way and get the water warm. Then add your coffee straight to the water and bring to a hard boil for about 3 min. Then add about a half cup of cold water which will make all your grounds settle to the bottom…pour coffee.

  2. Rich Miller
    Rich Miller says:

    thanks for the video. also a lot of good advice in the comments. I use a percolator from time to time when camping but I can never get it right. its either burnt or not done. I will pay with the perch times at home. id love to get it down.
    thanks again.

  3. Bran Mayo
    Bran Mayo says:

    I usually use a coarse grind and no filter, I've never seen more than a couple grinds in the bottom of the pot. No local place sells percolator filters so this works well in my situation.


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