How to Make Coffee – Moka Pot Coffee – Perfect Coffee at Home

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  1. Isa Almoawda
    Isa Almoawda says:

    Nice video… I'm a fan of Moka pots but never filled coffee to the max and always poured room temperature water. How wrong is that? Also another question… What types of coffee do you recommend for a moka? 😊

  2. Nigel Alcorn
    Nigel Alcorn says:

    A good tip is to preheat the base while your water boils by putting hot tap water in. The boiled water loses a lot of heat very fast when you put it in a cold base. If you preheat the base the water is able to push through the coffee very shortly after putting it on the stove because it wont have dropped as far from boiling temp. You want the unit to be on the heating element for as little time as possible to avoid the dry grounds, or the brewed coffee from being burnt by the basket or reservoir components getting too hot.

  3. Chagels
    Chagels says:

    I know this is personal taste and preference, but I would use a finer grind. This makes the water run through the filter slower and you will get a much thicker coffee from that. That's how I prefer it at least. Nice vid 🙂


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