How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker

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  1. Cesar “CJ” Cortez
    Cesar “CJ” Cortez says:

    My grandma recommend Folgers, because she has been drinking it for years. I gotta say, I can see why she recommended it. Still new to the whole different brews thing, but so far my favorite brew is the Breakfast one.

  2. Wa1eedm os
    Wa1eedm os says:

    I'm so I don't understand 🙁 .. I love it storng and i have coffee maker and i want just 2 cup i have coffee and spoor how much i need to make 2 cup of coffee to put coffee from spoor to machine

  3. Michael Petros
    Michael Petros says:

    No joke, my mom only lets me buy Folgers. I bought maxwell house once and didn't tell her. I made a pot and served it to her. She spit it out, said "this is disgusting" and threw out the tub.


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