How To Make Coffee Enemas Gerson Style

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  1. Christine Garcia
    Christine Garcia says:

    I never did it that way. I just get one liter, or one quart, of water (distilled of course) in a sause pan and add three Tablespoons of S.A. Wilsons Coffee. It's a very light roast and is very high in caffeine and palmitic acids. It is made specifically for coffee enemas. I bring the water to a boil, then turn off the burner and then let it sit there for around 15 minutes or until it's cooled down. (I used to allow it to simmer for the 15 minutes but now I just turn off the heat and let it sit there and cool off for 15-20 minutes. I'm still not sure which is the better method…..). Anyway, then I strain it, and then I divide it into two 500ml (or 16 oz) enemas out of the one liter and give myself two 500ml coffee enemas in one session. I like to do this a few times a week. Roslyn, what do you think of this method? ALSO BEFORE I DO THE ENEMAS I GIVE MYSELF TWO CLEANSING ENEMAS. THE FIRST ONE IS 16 OZ OF WATER AND SOME SPECIAL SOAP I HAVE, THE SECOND IS 16 OZ WATER AND SOME HIMALAYAN SEA SALT AND AN ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND CALLED "PURIFICATION". I DO THIS WHILE THE ENEMA MIXTURE IS COOLING DOWN. ANY THOUGHTS??

  2. boris Ydnag
    boris Ydnag says:

    Thanks for your Instruction Maam..The Native Americans did/do Tobacco Enemas; Sun Gazing (but did it progressively [10 to 15 seconds up to 45 minutes Max] in the two windows of time: 1 hour at Sun Rise and the hour of Sun Seth); and they also grounded their selves to the Earth's energy by going barefoot or wearing conductive footwear, unlike what modern society wears..They were releasing the free radicals of their bodies to Mother Earth thru an electron transfer and lived Balanced & more Wholesome lives..Best of Luck and Thank you.

  3. Merlin Univers
    Merlin Univers says:

    I have two question.1.-If i am Cancer
    Free how often i need Coffe Enemas?
    Question 2: if i drink daily One Liter Fresh Juice it is important to do
    Coffe enemas? because the Fresh Jucies let the Toxin got to the liver
    so it is very important to do Coffe enemas otherwise better not to drink
    Fresh Juice?? Thank you i waiting for an answer.

  4. Al noegzit
    Al noegzit says:

    Many people asked questions about how long they can keep the preparation. I think I have the right answer for them: "Guys, you can directly pour the coffee in the sink if you do as Roslyn."

    @Roslyn, sorry to say that but what you did at 5'30 is totally ridiculous and, worst, very dangerous. You had coffee boiled during 20 minutes with – practically – no germs left. But you wanted to have a round number of liters (stupid reason if you think about it), so you added tap water full of pathogens (filtered is not disinfected).

    Such a crazy thing to do for such a stupid reason!

    Do you know that in developped countries resistant bacterias kill now more people than HIV? You wanna risk to put resistant bacterias in your belly just to have a round number?

    I hope you really want to help people but with this video you do quite the opposite.

  5. Glory B
    Glory B says:

    Commend you for your healthy lifestyle. Just an observationI took the Gerson Therapy Workshop, and this is not the Gerson way to do a coffee enema. With that being said hope you have a beautiful day.

  6. Tracey W
    Tracey W says:

    Ros, please can you tell me how long the 2 litres of the coffee mixture would last in the fridge please. And would there be value in storing it in a mason jar? Thank you, great video.

  7. Dan Dan
    Dan Dan says:

    so what is the TOTAL amount of fluid you're using for the enemas? From what I've read, one "serving" is meant to be 1-2 tbsp of coffee boiled in half a litre of water, this then reduces to around 350ml but I've never read that it is to be diluted in more water. At the same time half a litre of water doesn't get very far round the colon so bit confused. I do know that coffee enemnas aren't designed to go to deep in order to get a liver response…

  8. Scan End Tile
    Scan End Tile says:

    two points. this isnt accurate for gerson therapy. Gerson insists that all water must be distilled, there is no exception to this rule! secondly the kettle shouldnt be used for a few reasons, any inorganic minerals or limescale in the kettle will affect the water, secondly the water should be boiling when the coffee is added and the oils and acids on the coffee should be boiled off without a lid for the first 3 minutes on the highest heat. the other point is that coffee compound should be made at a ratio of 1 cup of coffee to 1 litre of distilled water (in a stainless steel pan that is used only for coffee enema, again, because of inorganic minerals). making a 2litre batch will have too much potency in it even though it is the same ratio and will overwhelm the portal vein.

  9. Nate Hill
    Nate Hill says:

    we have been doing the concentrate only and not adding water!, boiling 2 quarts to 2 cups coffee, then doing a 2 cup emema, dident watch the full video, going to change it, have not had any bad experience though, but will do it correct and make sure the correct coffee amount

  10. Michella Williams
    Michella Williams says:

    Hi – I don't know if someone already asked this question, but caffeine makes my heart race, so I haven't drunk any caffeine for about 30 years. Will an enema have the same effect on my heart? Thanks

  11. Money Juice
    Money Juice says:

    I did not know that you were supposed to add additional water to the coffee after it was boiled. I thought the solution was 1 tablespoon of coffee to 1 cup of water?

  12. Fiona Fay
    Fiona Fay says:

    Hi Roslyn! ☕️ great video! I've been a huge fan of high enemas and colonics for years now! I've used herbal teas, even a chlorella enema! I've been reading about the power of coffee lately and Gerson. I'm going to start giving these a go to help my autoimmune disease, as having a burst of glutathione S transferase would be helpful! Didn't realise the coffee enema went straight to the liver and empties the gall bladder either! I'm boiling my first batch of organic coffee right now!

  13. Cathy Masse
    Cathy Masse says:

    Thank you so much for your reply.  I just came from your website and the only other question I have at this point is, would this therapy be okay to use during a water fast?

  14. FrankDS
    FrankDS says:

    some people's worry about ze "S" LOL – Great video…. Glas pot would be better than any metal, but you look very healthy. Thanks for your post's 🙂


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