How To Make Coffee Cake

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  1. Tayyba Tariq
    Tayyba Tariq says:

    the ingredients that you told were wrong, i read in the comments that your were suppose to add 1 cup oil, but i didn't know that since you did not tell, and that caused my recipe to be wrong.
    please fix this so it does not happen to other people.

  2. Denalyn Balani Renegado
    Denalyn Balani Renegado says:

    hi!.. im your fan.. but i just wanna ask, how come in your blog you included 1 cup oil in it in the list of ingredients but in this video you didn't mention about. please enlighten me.. i love to do this recipe later.. thanks!..

  3. Hannah Shah
    Hannah Shah says:

    +SimplyBakings I love your recipes… They are simple easy and fun. Also most of your recipes have ingredients that most people have in their home. I love your channel and recipes and thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipes 😊

  4. seanviv2
    seanviv2 says:

    I saw the info for your YouTube channel on Instagram from iheartrecipes Rosie who I have followed on YouTube for years.
    I just subscribed because I enjoy your fantastic style of cooking tutorials.


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