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  1. Psuffix
    Psuffix says:

    Aww c'mon, this was an artisan working at her craft. Pretty incredible, I thought, though it's a shame they left out the pulverization but oh well.

  2. Darryl Ward
    Darryl Ward says:

    I must admit I have not always waited a couple of days after roasting, and the coffee was fine, but I used the traditional pots to make the coffee, not an espresso machine.

    Having said that, my warning about roasting outside remains, as it is a very smokey and messy operation.

  3. Ibrahim Al Musa
    Ibrahim Al Musa says:

    Ethiopians have been making coffee like this long before the first European ever tasted coffee. This style might break all the 3rd wave coffee "rules", but it's the tradition of the people to first know coffee, and the process and results are what makes us happier than a shop with a la marzocco machine and a grumpy barista.

  4. Darryl Ward
    Darryl Ward says:

    I roast my own coffee, and Ethiopian origins (especially Harrar) are amongst my favourites. Yirgacheffe is pretty good.

    I do not recommend this roasting method. As well as toxic smoke, you get a lot of 'chaff', so you need to do it outside. Also, the beans do not roast evenly. You can see from the video they are very uneven.

    You need to let beans to rest for at least two days to 'de gas' after roasting them. This is important.

    However, the method for making the coffee is my favourite.

  5. Job Vink
    Job Vink says:

    I just want to say that I deeply respect your traditional way of coffee making. I believe this is a very earthy way to serve the coffee. One can guess this will taste sooooo goooood. As someone who has been an espresso lover for a long time, I'll say it again: RESPECT!

  6. Sabityp
    Sabityp says:

    I think(know for sure)The 1st round is called "Abole"አቦል, the second is called "Tona" ቶና and the 3rd is called "Bereka! በረካ.

    በመጨረሻ በረካ ሙሉ ይሁን. ይባላል!


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