How to make coffee

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  1. Slosh Mike
    Slosh Mike says:

    Jake, I just came across this video but I have to correct you on something,

    The universal consensus on brewing coffee is to use 1 table spoon of ground coffee to 1 cup (250 ml) of water.

    Your carafe may be 6 cups at 2/3rds, so 6 to 6.5 tablespoons would be correct. However not all carafe's are equal in capacity. Some may hold 12 cups, others may hold 4 cups, so by your logic if I fill my 4 cup carafe to 2/3rds I would have a about 2.66 cups of water. If I add 6.5 tablespoons of ground coffee I will end up with very strong and very bitter coffee.

  2. conguero8
    conguero8 says:

    Do u not clean ur coffee pot??? U know that your coffee is not fresh of your pot is dirty I see that u live alone and u have a mess hoe can u live alone and live in a mess

  3. David Allen
    David Allen says:

    Good Vid Jake.I use one of those Italian espresso kettles. Always turns out good. One cup in the morning. After that I drink tea. Well I am English…what do you expect?


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