How to Make Coffee

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  1. Mcwolf20
    Mcwolf20 says:

    I'm new to the whole coffee thing, I've tried putting sugar and some half and half thing in but it always tastes weird, how do you make coffee taste good or a least drinkable?

  2. Samira Rizza
    Samira Rizza says:

    You didn't talk about the chemex on the shelf behind you. Thats my current preferred method but my roommates use a drip coffee maker. I also want to get a french press…

    I work at starbucks and coffee is eveeything…

  3. CyberneticRose
    CyberneticRose says:

    I don't drink coffee, because caffeine and my body are not friends, but I like the smell (unless it's stale). My sweetheart is a barista who always comes home smelling like coffee, so I associate the smell with snuggles. Hot apple cider (not the alcoholic kind) is more my jam when it come to hot beverages, or herbal teas.

  4. stormkern
    stormkern says:

    We do it cowboy style in my house but we use a reusable fabric filter and put it on a thermal coffee bottle. This is common on Brazil's countryside where my mom was raised so we still do it this way.

  5. med icine
    med icine says:

    2m dark roast is burnt coffee, you can burn bread and make coffee with it tastes similar burnt carbon lol, mostly low quality coffee is dark roasted so that you can't tell difference because it's burnt no flavour except flavour of burnt coffee. burnt coffee is usually a sign of low quality coffee. on the other hand they advertise French deep roast coffee being the best to fool people into believing the better coffee when it's burnt roast with low quality beans. which is actually the opposite. I usually go for medium or light roast cause you have more flavour even with lower quality coffee it's more flavour.

  6. maggieedna
    maggieedna says:

    if you do it right cowboy coffee is the best way. I think the trick to not getting grounds has more to do with the pour vs the water sprinkling thing. you have to pour off from the top, which means a super shallow pour going slowly is best. also somewhere around a third of the coffee will be sacrificed to the grounds so be ready for that.

  7. Lyrika Niccolls
    Lyrika Niccolls says:

    My father told me that the way his grandfather in the old west used to make coffee was by boiling water putting coffee grounds in then cracking an egg, once the egg was done you pour out the coffee and take out the egg and there you have yourself a coyboy breakfast.

  8. MSandPD
    MSandPD says:

    You missed the most confusing part! How much is 6 oz of water? Is it 1 cup from the US measurement system? Is it the 1 mark on the coffee pot? Is it one mug? I always get frustrated after reading the brewing instructions on a new bag of coffee, because it is always ambiguous.


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