How To Make Cappuccino/Latte Milk At Home!

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  1. Christopher Erskin
    Christopher Erskin says:

    @Patty&Scott'sCoffee…I know this video is more than two years old, but I just tried your technique using a french press. All I can say is that you guys are brilliant…!!! Before this video I would have never thought it was possible to create frothy foam milk by hand. You guys have made me a believer. AWESOME VIDEO…!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Sharon S
    Sharon S says:

    Do you use regular fine ground arabica coffee ? Or espresso coffee? Do you use whole milk or skim or somewhere inbetween? I couldn't hear the video very well with the music background, sorry. Thanks in advance

  3. supersami100
    supersami100 says:

    love this video but there is something you need to know. your presentation was way too fast and didn't feel natural. slow down and take your time explaining things please. not all of us can comprehend your coffee vocabulary when it's said so fast. but either way, I learned a lot from this video and enjoyed it. thanks for uploading this.

  4. TheBejbiborn
    TheBejbiborn says:

    >making cappuccino and latte with a French press coffee
    >leaving coffee for more than 30sec to wait before adding milk
    >heating milk in microwave, for sure perfect 140°F

    It is possible to make good latte for cheap in home, even if it's not 'true' latte – but this? This is freaking joke.

  5. Robert B.
    Robert B. says:

    Your coffee is too weak. With two TBSP, of coffee and all that water, you've just made regular coffee. And by adding the milk, you've just weekended it. I was looking for an easier method of making the Cappuccino than I'm presently doing.

  6. Marcus R.
    Marcus R. says:

    recently I bought a Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine, and after weeks, this has awakened incredibly my interest in coffee, milk frothing, and coffee in general more than I expected. I love this video, I gotta try all these methods 🙂


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