How to make Blended Iced Coffee like a Starbucks Frappuccino, a McDonalds Frappe at Home

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  1. HKO
    HKO says:

    You really shouldn't use Splenda…. It's actually a neuro-toxin. We put it out to kill ant infestations in the summer. Keep that in mind, folks. Use an organic stevia brand instead, my favorite is Pyure.

  2. Tom L
    Tom L says:

    Cool tip about freezing the coffee, im making mine like a vietmanese style coffee with the sweet syrup used in it, can't remember what its called, but its delicious and i believe i have some, but im going to make like i normally would, and freeze it with that in there, im thinking its going to turn out very good.

  3. D.R. Q.
    D.R. Q. says:

    Thanks for the video – please use liquid Stevia instead of Splenda….wayyyy more healthy for you and tastes so much better! So glad that my days of using Splenda are over. Just look up all the Splenda health risks on google to see what I am talking about. You can use liquid Stevia on everything, including in ice tea and in your morning bowl of cereal or hot oats. It is a natural calorie sugar. Be sure to buy the liquid Stevia as it tastes way better than the powder. Cheers 🙂

  4. Bella Sky
    Bella Sky says:

    Looks amazing 🙂 I made a delicious home made Frappuccino on my channel too really easy thick and creamy and yummy check it out when  you get a chance, just posted it up have an amazing day

  5. Kevfactor
    Kevfactor says:

    honestly it's not as good but i just brew the coffee, let it sit about an hour, then just 1/3 ice, coffee, milk and squirt some choco milk fudge in and stir. i mostly drink this because i hate the taste of coffee but need the buzz and vit d lol.

  6. Francis Guidera
    Francis Guidera says:

    Leave it blending for a minute or longer to totally blend the ice into the drink. I am sitting here drinking a strawberry one made with strawberry Nesquick, milk and ice. And to be fair, Starbucks use Blendtec $1000 blenders which are like a router with a blade attached to it. Lol… They could blend anything with them to a puree (including iPads which you can view on here if you look for them).

  7. Guerline Louis
    Guerline Louis says:

    If u used splenda then i used that too but if u try it with ice cream i think u would put that as ur favorable ingredient thanx so much by the way and i was wondering do u always use coffee cubes?

  8. Foushee i
    Foushee i says:

    This is not exactly how you make a Starbucks frappucino.

    Starbucks coffee
    Starbucks Vanilla bean ice cream (or any other Starbucks ice cream)

    The ice cream is the MAJOR ingredient which most people in Youtube videos ALWAYS leave out.

  9. Shauna G
    Shauna G says:

    thanks for the recipe! was really nice just tried it out now, although i added normal ice cubes and made a cup of coffee and added it when it cooled down a bit, i put in like 5 teaspooons of sugar though to make it sweet haha but it was so easy to do


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