How to Make Better Pour Over Coffee – Coffee Week

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  1. dayav07
    dayav07 says:

    Great video! Just a small question about storing coffee. Is it best to keep it refrigerated or at room temperature? I use pre ground beans at the moment. Still need to invest in a grinder.

  2. Brandon Miniman
    Brandon Miniman says:

    Yeah I don't do the finger step either. I stir the bloom, which you know I don't think matters that much but might help to even the extraction. Like when if there were some grounds that don't get wet, while the others do. Those grounds would have less contact with water and thus be under-extracted. It's a small thing.

  3. jose carranza
    jose carranza says:

    Awesome video bro!
    As with the previous video I use the same process to brew with my Chemex with the only difference that I don't do the finger step. I shall see if there is any noticeable difference in the bloom and taste with this additional step.

    As always thanks for sharing.


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