How to make an Industrial wood and metal coffee table

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  1. Jayden Redd
    Jayden Redd says:

    Since I read “pepe amazing plan” (Google it), I do think nothing will ever surpass it as an outstanding woodworking book. The book contains appealing photos as well as drawings and also reader-friendly text. I look at this book a "must have" because it gives a broad range of information on pretty much everything working with wood working and does it quite well.

  2. Chris Flux
    Chris Flux says:

    DiResta wouldn't have had the crumpled corner on the 'name cloth' in the nonchalant sign off…'d be perfectly flat and you know it 😜😄. Good job, looks nice 👍🏻

  3. Artfully Rogue
    Artfully Rogue says:

    I have to say, that wood really makes the table. Just watched your collaboration video the dirtshop and the reclaimed coffee table, also a great looking piece. I do a lot of similar work in my videos. You got a subscribe out me. Looking forward to seeing more projects.


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