How To Make An Easy Iced Coffee (latte)

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  1. John Richards (Jnr)
    John Richards (Jnr) says:

    This is my recipe, hope you like it. All measurements are using metric system.

    1 Litre of full cream milk
    4 teaspoons of instant coffee – Nesafe Blend 43 works well
    8 to 10 heaped teaspoons of sugar
    1 or 2 teaspoons of Brandy or Brandy essence


    1. Set 1 Litre of cold milk aside.
    2. In a saucepan place the instant coffee and the sugar.
    3. Add enough boiling water to cover and coffee and sugar. Stir till dissolved.
    4. Add coffee mixture to milk. Stir thoroughly. Finish by adding the brandy and enjoy.

  2. peter pan
    peter pan says:

    let me give u a suggestion if u don't want to water ur coffee down just make black coffee and put it into an ice tray and freeze it that's all that will stop ur coffee from watering down


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