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  1. Mike Clarke
    Mike Clarke says:

    In the northwest U.S. you can get fantastic brewed coffee in Portland, Seattle and a few other towns.   But, like the rest of America, in most places even in the northwest, the brewed coffee is shit.     Unlike most places in America, in the northwest, every single rural shitty town has a gas station with an espresso bar.   Yes, they brew shit coffee, but you can get an Americano, which is a reasonable facsimile of half-way decent brewed coffee.    So, if you never step out of the hip city in America, you can spout of some crap about Americanos.  The rest of us have to live real lives.   I drink Americanos all of the time when I am on the road.

  2. Jaberwocky77
    Jaberwocky77 says:

    Should be called "How to Make a Long Black". You did not make an Americano. Thanks to misinformation like this, I now have to be the DB customer that asks for his Americano with the water in last.

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  4. Ben Hunter
    Ben Hunter says:

    OK the fact that this is a long black aside… why didn't he just pull the espresso over the cup with hot water as apposed to pulling the shot into a separate espresso cup and then transferring it? Surely this is ruining the crema.

  5. Hogan Wijaya
    Hogan Wijaya says:

    Mannn… thats are not americano…

    Thats is long black coffee!
    espresso over the water is long black..
    water over the espresso is americano..

    Its really looks not difference, but the taste will be different…

    Americano doesnt have crema on top, mostly just a few of bubbles..
    long black have the crema, so we could slurp that layer to enjoy sweet caramelly from that crema…


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