How To Make AEROPRESS Coffee – The Winning Recipe (WAC 2015)

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  1. Freddie Slaughter
    Freddie Slaughter says:

    I use the inverted method on my AeroPress and I make 2 cups of coffee each day, but I have to replace the seal every 6 months, because it becomes loose in the chamber after time. Have you heard of this problem? What is the best grind number and amount of coffee for a great cup of coffee? What is the best temperature of the water?

  2. C. D.A.
    C. D.A. says:

    I used flavored ground coffee from a bag I got at a discount store, then I microwave regular old hard Vegas sink water, pour it in, stir it with a pen for 10-15 seconds, then plunge it as fast as I can without squirting it all over the counter.

    Shall I make a video?

  3. Tomsonx232
    Tomsonx232 says:

    I find that with the wiggle technique some coffee gets stuck to the plunger on the flip (probably can get fixed with practice). Otherwise this is an amazing technique, I was skeptical about the low brew temp but it turned out fantastic.

  4. ChocolatePoop1301
    ChocolatePoop1301 says:

    If anyone did a double blind AB Test on most of these metrics I guarantee you'd find that it's bullshit. Think a 15s wiggle tastes any different than a 3s wiggle? Turbulent wiggle vs using a spoon? Fucking autistic coffee snobs.

  5. Mac Renton
    Mac Renton says:

    How much water total????
    Ok just looked at the website it says:
    20g / 230g / 79c
    Is that 230g including the 20g coffee, so its 210g of water, 20g coffee and 230g weight in total?

  6. Ry Rye
    Ry Rye says:

    Whats written in this video doesn't match what is written on the website. The website says 30 second bloom time. The video says 15 seconds blooming. Which one is right?


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