How to: Make a Perfect Espresso, Ristretto, Macchiato & More! | Wogan Coffee

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  1. Author Erica R. Stinson
    Author Erica R. Stinson says:

    Thank you so much for explaining the differences. Just started going to Starbucks and there so many different names for everything I didn't know one from the other so I always just order a latte LOL. NOW I can experiment, or better yet buy my own espresso machine and learn how to do it at home!

  2. Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson says:

    I thought the video was good. Great job!
    The man obviously knows what he is doing. Whether everyone agrees with that is the question. He is using proper technique, his machine is and was clean but damn….lets be anal about it!? The point here is, everyone is a barista in their own way, whether this agrees with everyone isn't always going to happen. One person does something slightly different than someone else. If you don't like the video…go watch someone elses video…if you have ignorant remarks and or criticism, do us all a favor and just be quiet. No one is perfect and for all your people, you know who you are….neither are you. Which is evident in your attempt to try and make someone feel shitty about what they are trying to accomplish.

  3. Ferio Aritonang
    Ferio Aritonang says:

    Dude, first thing first.. The cleanness of your equipment is a must… The way you purged your steam wand, and not wipe it off clean before you use it? Are u Seriously giving a lesson through this video? Really? 🙂


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