How to Make a Mocha at Home – the No-Machine Espresso Drink

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    Have you ever experimented with an instant or powdered milk to achieve the froth? Using the mini mixer and using less water for the instant can imitate the taste and froth of whole milk. To reduce the possibility of scalding you could use a double boiler or Dutch oven to heat the milk. And since this would use instant you could use hot water from the tap. Using this method you would have to overcome your personal and mental biases.

  2. Sonny Park
    Sonny Park says:

    i don't have unsweetened chocolate but i have unsweetened cocoa powder. how to use that ???
    and is instant espresso powder different than instant coffee powder. can i use instant coffee powder

  3. Cavalier Nation
    Cavalier Nation says:

    Got to try. I am wrestling with buying a nespresso machine, however my hubby and I are spending a fortune on Starbucks.. Going to give this a whirl. Thanks and love your pixie.. super cute.

  4. Jonathan Berman
    Jonathan Berman says:

    Wait, you don't want to drop $4 on a mocha, but you use a $3 Ghiradelli bar + the coffee and milk, and you're spending $4 😉
    Just sayin'… I do the shake method too, though an electric whisk can be had for under ten bucks, so I might get one from Amazon. Also, to add a little yumminess, sprinkle a little sugar on the top of the foam…


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