How to make a great cup of coffee with a Chemex coffee maker

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  1. Sahar_R
    Sahar_R says:

    What a pretentious way to make coffee. Looks like a vase, which is probably is. A complete waste of money. This should be an activity for single people, ain't no body got time for dat!

  2. Matt H
    Matt H says:

    I just came here b/c I read in an article that our hipster president uses this thing and was curious. Glad my tax dollars could help the peeps in the White House buy 150 of them with the presidential seal on it. Myself, I have a Mr. Coffee coffee pot I've had for years and I use Folgers pre-ground med-dark roast. My coffee takes about 2 minutes to setup before I go to bed and I enjoy the hell out of it when I wake up.

  3. Wherethecolorsgo
    Wherethecolorsgo says:

    You run my favorite coffee shop?! I've been considering this coffee maker for awhile now and the fact that you use it has made up my mind. Thank you for providing great coffee, and helping others make it too!

  4. Slaxxy O'Brien
    Slaxxy O'Brien says:

    If you invest in a Zojirushi machine ($109+) you will always have 200F water on hand so you will never have to spend more than 10 seconds on attaining hot water. The three minutes you have to wait for fresh coffee will never be enough time to turn 200F water cold but just enough time for you to have a nice cup of joe.

  5. traets
    traets says:

    If you start from the outside in, and leave that little dry island for last, then just shove it down at the end, wont that get brewed first since you just shoved it to the bottom  of the filter?

  6. TheAnarchronia
    TheAnarchronia says:

    curious as to what would stop someone from just taking a coffe filter and a normal coffee pot and doing this. is there really a need for their overly large pot or can any carafe do the trick.

  7. thecrowrains
    thecrowrains says:

    Thanks for the tips!  Like my Chemex coffee brewer so I will try the divot in the center to start the pouring! **actually had the even coverage, post-drain, without the divot but it makes a lot of sense to avoid the bottleneck o' grounds! 

  8. Red Robot
    Red Robot says:

    You know what they say. When someone is groggy as shit in the morning, the first thing they want to do is hassle making coffee with very specific directions, active management, and is time consuming

  9. Beverly Westcott
    Beverly Westcott says:

    So you have to slowly pour the water into the coffee and wait about 3.5 minutes for it to flow through into the bottom………..then swish it around………then pour it into the coffee cup .  By that time what you have is a perfect cup of COLD coffee! 

  10. Jesse Christ
    Jesse Christ says:

    People asking about the filters: I'm pretty sure I paid like $14-$16 for my box of 100 Chemex-brand unbleached filters. It's not that big of an investment considering that's 100 pots of great coffee brewed exactly to my liking, and the filters are specifically designed for the best brewing with this particular pot. Why would you want to use regular auto-drip filters for something that isn't auto-drip? If you want premium coffee, then you'll need the supplies for it. If you're unable/unwilling to make special investments in your coffee, then I think you should just stick with Folger's or whatever freeze-dried can stuff you like.
    Also, I think the whole "divot" and "island" thing that this guy does is a bit unnecessary, it's more-or-less just one of his brewing "habits", which everyone will pick up their own after enough experience with manual-brewing.


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