How To Make A Great Cappuccino – Steam And Pour Milk For Coffee

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  1. Dave Lowis
    Dave Lowis says:

    Hey, it might be worth mentioning that people that have Panarello steam heads will have to change their frothing method.
    I have to micro foam for 20 seconds, then bury the whole Panarello head in the milk to stop more foam, and heat remaining milk.

  2. Horizons
    Horizons says:

    Predator Cycling from California actually used to make Carbon espresso cup and saucers a while back, if you check their facebook or instagram you might find a picture of it. (Carbon sucks at retaining heat though, so it's not too great for holding warm beverages) 

  3. xkallosx
    xkallosx says:

    Coffee has such an important history with cycling, especially competitive cycling, that it should be shown on this channel. Also, see Rule #56 of the Velominati. 


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