How to Make A FLOWER POT out of CAKE! Chocolate cake, coffee buttercream and edible OREO dirt!

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  1. Sarah Cassim
    Sarah Cassim says:

    Really Yo?!?!? I thought u would make fondant / Cake flowers??? please I feel so bad !😣 I thought I would learn to make fondant Flowers!!! Anybody with me?? hey do not scroll down!! hey u yes u !! yes u with ur confused face!!!!!!😤 like!

  2. Terri Peeler
    Terri Peeler says:

    I watch ur shows every day they make me happy and make me want to make one we made the minion one for my birthday I love u sooooooooo much I want to see all of ur camera peeps..

  3. 1AlexPeters
    1AlexPeters says:

    I'm new here and I know this is an old video but instead of suggesting to eat the cut off cake and frosting pieces you could easily turn them into cakepops. Maybe use fondant for flower petals? I don't know if you've already made a video doing that.

  4. Theresa Cunningham
    Theresa Cunningham says:

    Okay I have to say, "That is a sweet flower pot cake"! I haven't seen a cake like that before, most flower pot cakes have the flowers that are edible and the pot is well…just a pot and a styrofoam ball. I could really impress my mom and mother-in-law with a cake and fresh flowers for Mothers Day. Thanks How To Cake It


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