How to make a coffee table

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  1. Kiri Celebkiriedhel
    Kiri Celebkiriedhel says:

    The small version of the table you were building for tutorial purposes looks like it would make a great step up stool for a child. Especially, if it was waterproofed, and put in the bathroom – useful and chic!

  2. kangjohan78
    kangjohan78 says:

    That led is much brighter than I thought it would be. Also, besides a plant and fish tank, any other ideas anyone can think of to put inside the hole? I've seen some use it as a ice bucket for outdoor table. I'm not wanting to bring this outdoors though.

  3. Angela Herremans
    Angela Herremans says:

    I love the light system under the table great idea for great g mood light during the evenings as I hate over head lights on while relaxing of an evening shame about the fish but love the plant in its place 😹👍🏼


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