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  1. Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter says:

    Too many comments and too much laze to give them a good one over, so my questions may be answered already. I was wondering what you used as a fuel source. just a propane tank? I also wanted to know if the whole burner for down inside instead of the pipe used when molding or if it plugs in. lastly, I wanted to know how you welded the stainless for best heat resistance. thanks!

  2. Jean Myers
    Jean Myers says:

    i wanted to make one that is why i watched this you could have guessed an amount instead of saying i dont measure if you just wanted to show yours then why do we need to watch you make it if it is a secret say so or else tell us how it is made

  3. Isheian
    Isheian says:

    Will this work if you use a large center form like 3 1/2-4"? Could it work with a hole in the back, allowing larger pieces to be heated? I'm planning to use itc-100 to line the refractory lining. Using a TS8000KS torch as a burner.

  4. Abel Gonzalez
    Abel Gonzalez says:

    I can't find Aluminium oxide 220 grit in small amounts (Perth, WA). Only 25kg and the price is quite expensive. I found though a 25kg bag of 60 grit very cheap, but I would like to know if it's possible to break that grit into smaller one by breaking it with a hammer or something?

    xXCREEKSTARXx says:

    What about adding a spiral into the compoundmixture stuff with little holes in it to have a perfectly even distribution of heat?

    Or is the Heat distribution in the "little" can stove neglectable?

    Just gimme an opinion on that 😀


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