How to Make a Coffee Can Forge

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  1. Major Wolf
    Major Wolf says:

    The design is great. There's only three things I would change about it. Instead of having to make your own refractory mix just buy some refrextory cement (Home Depot sells a 50 lbs bag for fourth dollars on delivery.) and I would angle the torch to hit the bottom of the forge somit comes in more direct contact with the steel, and I'd use a bigger burner. (I'm going to use this design to make my forge welding forge, all in all? Great job that's a cheap and easy starter forge for any up and coming blacksmith.

  2. Essence Neheh-heri
    Essence Neheh-heri says:

    I am going to have to use something like this design to start out with. From what I am hearing from knife makers is this one will not hold up for a long time using it. Also do not try forge welding in it. The borax would eat the lining to the can. Though years ago when I did forge welding in metal fab class we dug a pit, and used coal with an inflation pump for an air blower. Honestly if it works for a few hours it can be rebuilt cheaply, and easily.

  3. Tony Heaton
    Tony Heaton says:

    I know this is old but damn verm-a-cult-ie. People, please learn some shit before you post videos so you don't get people hurt! I wonder if this guy is still alive?

  4. Timothy Mecca
    Timothy Mecca says:

    great video. Can you or would you please consider building a kiln that sits up right with a lid that uses the graphite crucible? I have my gold and silver recovered and purified beyond the point needed because of bordem. I can't get enough heat to melt the material and I can't afford the eBay just yet. :-$.
    I'm a disabled Marine Corps EOD Tech Retired and looking for a hobby and I like your mixture better than the other ones that I have seen.
    Outstanding video and any and all help is greatly appreciated. Respectfully Tim

  5. Robert Cece
    Robert Cece says:

    You should use calcium silicate, magnesium oxide (cook it out from milk of magnesia) + sand & perlite. Plaster is a flame retardant, not an insulator. It loses 40% of it's weight in water, shrinks to 1/3 it's size, takes hours to dehydrate as it just spews water & suppresses the temp then cracks to shit.

  6. The_Assassin24
    The_Assassin24 says:

    how much btu would i need for this? i have a torch but it doesnt reach the tempurature needed nor does it heat my steel to a temperature needed, my coffee can that is much smaller than yours as well


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