How to Dye Your Hair Naturally (with coffee)

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  1. Kyra
    Kyra says:

    I have natural brown hair and I tried the dyeing hair with coffee method and my hair is now reddish brown. It also feels stronger and healthier

  2. Kat James
    Kat James says:

    Actually came across this topic a couple of weeks ago by Googling more natural alternatives to hair dye. This is a common practice for older Asian women according to what I read . My question is, why do we have to use a PINT of conditioner alongside the coffee?

  3. 3EyedTiger
    3EyedTiger says:

    There's not enough information for me to appl this method. Do you add an acid like Apple Cider Vinegar to the coffee or just use as a rinse. As a rinse, is the vinegar diluted and if so what strength.


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