How To Do a Coffee Enema Instructions – Complete Tutorial For Enemas At Home

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  1. Annabel Cordova
    Annabel Cordova says:

    Great video… I would just add the importance of probiotics after the enema. Either open a few capsules and dissolve in about 4 ounces of water and do the implant using your enema bucket or bag or take them orally.

  2. naturally gifted
    naturally gifted says:

    I Love your video, straight and to the point. I "HATE" and have a phobia of hospitals, and that by me just walking into a hospital makes me feel likes I will be leaving with something bad that I didn't went in with. It is so bad that if I happen to make a visit too see someone I do not sit or lean against anything. Also If I over stay then I start to itch badly. Also the sad part is that I strongly believe that I am internally ill because of the way my body sometimes feels, my mom past away at the tender age of 47 from Pulmonary Embolism, also from some medical documents I believe she also had ovarian cancer as well. I also have some of the symptoms that my mom disclosed for a little over 3yrs. CRAZY< but I choose NOT to go the Dr. because of the way i feel about hospitals or Drs. offices. I will be 43 yrs old this year, however I am NOT afraid of dying, but with the same token will not like to die young because of any health problems. I also used to suffered with HORRIBLE migraine. So since I have been doing coffee enemas 3-4xs a week for a little over 1 month, I no longer have these symptoms they're complete gone, and i contribute it to these enemas I have been doing. So with all that being said, I have a question, I know you said filtered water, while there are many different filtration system. Is it safe to use water from the tap that was filtered through your regular store bought BRITA FILTERED PITCHER? the label claims it reduces mercury, copper, cadmium, zinc, and chlorine.


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