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  1. Frank Desiront
    Frank Desiront says:

    thanks a lot for this video. i brought home 5 phin filters from my vietnam trip 1 week ago. sadly none of the filters have a screw-filter. so i pour in 20 ml first…then another 50 ml of water. but because there's no screw on the filter… the filter goes up and tilts inside the container. how can i prevent this if the filter doesn't has a screw? thanks for helping

  2. 512kvinion
    512kvinion says:

    My son ( after visiting Vietnam), sent me one of these ( the tiny 1), as well as coffee — Wessel coffee!! Thank you for the demonstration, had no idea how to use and make coffee! ;))

  3. 900cc
    900cc says:

    I've been doing it wrong ever since i bought my own dripper. I totally forgot that i had to pack the coffee in first and then screw the cap thing on to pack it. I just dumped the coffee grounds into it and poured water over lol.

  4. yuunjac
    yuunjac says:

    Just recently got back from Vietnam. Bought the Phin and was quite puzzle on how to correctly use it. Glad to have this video. A question though… can I just simply throw in the coffee into the Phin without screwing it down with the compressor?

  5. SSMarrow
    SSMarrow says:

    My friend gave me a couple bags of Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee recently. It doesn't taste right in my normal brewing machine. Thanks for the video. I will go buy a phin and brew it correctly now!

  6. techibabe
    techibabe says:

    these can be found in most Vietnamese supermarkets in the US now and they are super cheap, just a couple of dollars.  Make sure you do very fine grind or the water will just go right through. It reminds me of several espresso shots because it is so dark. Condense milk makes it taste so much better.

  7. Niall Judge
    Niall Judge says:

    I bought 2 of these in Vietnam just in case I ever lose one. Also if u just on a stopover u can find them for sale in the airports. Alternatively, possibly try an asian shop or online

  8. RadioResearcher
    RadioResearcher says:

    The best instructional video I have seen on this subject.  I make mine this way and it's delicious.  I drink the coffee "black" without stirring almost down to the milk, then swirl vigorously for a sweet, coffee-flavored treat to finish.  All a matter of taste, of course.

  9. Whoopity Doo
    Whoopity Doo says:

    "…great people…."

    Except the mother fuckers always haggling you on the street to buy something. Won't even let you drink a beer for 30 seconds without someone coming up wanting to sell you something, and they don't seem to understand no for an answer.

  10. Cyrus Bardouille
    Cyrus Bardouille says:

    You made a beautiful presentation!
    I drink the instant Vietnamese coffee, Vinacafe Ca Phe Hoa Tan 3 in 1. I am a single guy and student and work too. I have no time to make coffee like you showed during the week. However, I will try to make fresh coffee on Saturday or Sunday now that I have seen your video.

    Great job and Thanks for sharing,

  11. Len Brault
    Len Brault says:

    Sorry to be late on reply. The problem may not be the phin but the grind or amount of coffee. Try 50% more coffee or finer ground to get it to drip slow. Phins can be purchased at vietnamesecoffee. com if you do decide you don't like your filter.

  12. Len Brault
    Len Brault says:

    Grind is important. Most grinders settings of medium or coarse drip work best. This looks like coarse corn meal. If you go finer, the filter holes will clog; if you go coarser, the water will run through too fast. To make it stronger you can add up to 50% more coffee, I suggest under the insert. If you use the screw-down type, don't tighten it, just screw down till it sits on the coffee grinds, and no more. Larger Phins do not drip faster per se, they drip more volume across a wider base.


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