How To Brew Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee : MistoBox Series

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  1. william foreman
    william foreman says:

    I just bought a white HV60 from Amazon I have not used it yet I plan to later tonight when I wake up,,, i’ll probably just use good old fashion Folgers classic roast medium and a cheap white paper filter from Walmart about 2 tablespoons per cup for me,,, I use a 12 oz mug,,, I believe this technique was developed for Howard Hughes,,,, A little too OCD for me,,,, scales,,, grinders,,,, fancy long neck kettle,,, Little over the top really……

  2. Cheryl S.
    Cheryl S. says:

    You stated that the pour over method delivers good tasting coffee with MINIMAL body AT THE 9.00 point. So, if you like coffee with good, robust body, this type of brewing isn't for you?

  3. Raul Pires Coelho
    Raul Pires Coelho says:

    This made me look at coffee in a completely new way… from watching it I went straight to a buy a Hario V60 system and the brutal expresso coffee is a thing of the past! Thank you for sharing.

  4. TheBukester
    TheBukester says:

    Hmm. Another site says 340g of water. Which is fine, but is there a variable concerning the actual coffee. I find that I like a darker roast and perhaps more giving of more water. Does this make sense? Not to sound picky but now that I am taking 10 out of the morning to do it right – doesnt the roast itself come into play?

  5. eqlzr2
    eqlzr2 says:

    Horrors! You don't deposit the grounds and filter into your compost pile so you can sprinkle the composted remains (slowly and evenly, of course) on your organic vegetable garden?


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