How to Brew Hario V60 Coffee

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  1. ChicagoTurtle1
    ChicagoTurtle1 says:

    Wow you guys did a great job explaining, demonstrating, taping and editing. Please do more quality videos like this. One more bit of info that would've been nice is… when the grounds aren't even (flat) at the end, how do we diagnose it? I imagine there can be 2 or 3 different types of scenarios.

  2. rokettopanchi
    rokettopanchi says:

    Drinking some coffee made in a v60 right now. First time making. Even if you were a chemex devotee like me, give the v60 a try. It's a very different taste even though you make it almost the same way.

  3. redruM_
    redruM_ says:

    You really need a gooseneck kettle for this. I've tried it with a regular kettle and the mouth is just too wide for a precise pour over the coffee. If you don't plan on getting a gooseneck kettle, don't bother getting the v60.

  4. Brig Marcko
    Brig Marcko says:

    believe me matt perger method is the best,u won't believe it until u try it, just need to change the temp to 200f-195f then you will get very low bitterness, juicy,flavorful,long finishhhhhh in low ratio,don't be afraid of experimenting

  5. Jagroop Dhillon
    Jagroop Dhillon says:

    Okay coffee peeps or coffee hipsters. Why don't you just call 350 grams of water 350 ml as the density of water is 1/g/ml as many of us don't have scales? Also wouldn't it be easier to tell us volumes of coffee as well as many of us don't want to look like we are doing science experiments when making coffee!? Jeez!!!!

  6. Saint Grizzly
    Saint Grizzly says:

    Pour over is a lame method, uses paper filter. Pour over is akin to using a coffee maker. The hipsters made it looked a little cooler used pour over method but its just the same. "Cupping" process does not use this method and would be lame if they do, the coffee geeks uses immersion method, grinned beans immersed in hot water for 4 mins then they taste coffee. Well then why not used the great French Press then? immersion method which would be the best way to taste as if your doing cupping, the easiest, authentic way by far, gives you the exact taste what the "cuppers" tasted.

  7. Coffeeology Roasting Co
    Coffeeology Roasting Co says:

    Sorry bro who the FC!@! has time for that shit when u have 20 customers waiting for their pour over in the morning?  Here a better idea! FU!@# the timer and the scale as ur not backing a cake !  Grind 3 table spoons of coffee and put the hario cone over  a paper cup then pour! should take 2 min max! ur customer will still be happy and u wont get ur ass kicked for making them late for work!

  8. charvelgtrs
    charvelgtrs says:

    Seems like a pain in the ass just for one cup. If you want a cleaner cup without as much hassle you can just apply a paper filter in between a French Press's standard filter.

  9. A Guy Called Kay
    A Guy Called Kay says:

    This youtube video is so hipster it doesnt even want to live in Brooklyn. This video wants to go move to a working class white neighborhood in Michigan and start a new process of super gentrification of the area bringing with it gluten free sustainable elements that could be used for both food and textile manufacturing that those white class families will farm as they move out and commute daily from Canada. Eventually the area will become too hipster even for this video at which point it will quit the whole thing and become amish.

    Super informative though, makes me want to be tidy. 🙂

  10. Karl Whitmore
    Karl Whitmore says:

    Haribo should stick to making bags of assorted gelatinous sweets. Why they branched out into making coffee makers is beyond me. The V60 is a bitter (no pun intended) disappointment. Mine didn't even come with the bearded hipster dude attachment as shown in the video. I'm waiting for the V90. This is strictly one for the coffee fangirls.

  11. Chaz Gray
    Chaz Gray says:

    That's a lot of work for just 10 oz. I guess it would be preferable if you have time, only want 1 cup and don't want to waste, but otherwise it seems like other pour overs or presses would be better.


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