How to Brew Coffee with the French Press

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  1. Mr_Krasker
    Mr_Krasker says:

    Great water filtered to the right temperature? Over mix the coffee and create a lot of turbulence? I only want to saturate it to the full level of the pot, You can't get any more saturated then to the full level of the pot. The eye roll on the fedora man at 3:07 is priceless. Even fedora man can't take the level of douchebaggery that is being perpetrated here.

  2. Steven Brown
    Steven Brown says:

    30 seconds for offgassing isn't necessary for immersion method. The gas will bubble out just fine. Blooming or off gassing is only recommended to avoid underextracted liquid in the first part of pour over method coffee IMO. There's no science I'm aware of to explain any benefit here.

  3. Darth Nihiluz
    Darth Nihiluz says:

    How do you consume the second cup if you are drinking both of them? Seems like it would be too strong and the temperature might be too low. What's the cleanup routine? Do you end up throwing the grounds in the sink?

  4. Tinker13ee
    Tinker13ee says:

    This video gave me exactly what I was looking for, which is the water to grounds ratio, 2g coffee:1oz water. So thank you!

    My only other question is: how does this compare to a coffee maker? From what I've seen it would seem that you need a lot less grounds for the amount of water you're using. Is the Press method less effective at extracting flavour?

    Excuse my brewing ignorance, I've only ever brewed using a French Press (I live in a 2 person house and I am the only one who drinks coffee so we have no coffee maker) and when I do drink "machined" coffee it's at a friends' or parents' house and I didn't have to make it :p

  5. DFDalton1962
    DFDalton1962 says:

    How could you not say what temperature the water should be at? Boiling? 200 degrees? 180 degrees? How do you make a video on how to brew coffee without specifying the best water temperature?

  6. Carl Schoepe
    Carl Schoepe says:

    It would have been more informative if Ty had said something about the temperature of the water.  Are you supposed to use boiling water?  Room temperature water?  Cold water?  On to the next video to hopefully find out the correct water temperature to use.

  7. Audrey Adams
    Audrey Adams says:

    i made a coffe with pre grinded beans and it tasted like shit. n then grinded beans myself and made the coffee and it was much much more like the coffee I'd drink! also next time I'd add cream instead os milk for a richer texture

  8. J M
    J M says:

    What is this BS. Come on. Grounds in, water in, wait, push, pour. You don't have to act like you're Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa.

  9. Javy C
    Javy C says:

    60 grams of coffee is 2 ounces. does that look like only 2 ounces of coffee? not to me. i wonder if he stats are correct.
    never heard of a 30 oz pot. i've seen a single serving/17 oz before. maybe that is what he meant?

  10. seinthomas
    seinthomas says:

    French press is my everyday use for coffee, but i started changing the usual method (Your video) by doing it kinda half turkish style : heating the water with the coffee inside and stop just before a boiling point. Then 1mn sit, and press. The flavour is fuller than the traditionnal french press only without giving a too strong "turkish" taste. Give it a go some day 😉 Cheers !

  11. granpastreetz
    granpastreetz says:

    If I have a press that's 34oz but I just want to make about 16oz or even a cup of coffee, will that work? Does the size of the press matter if you want to make a cup or two at a time?

  12. Christine Steiner
    Christine Steiner says:

    I wouldn't make coffee any other way. Traditional coffee makers leach BPA into your java– not cool. Who is that douchebag in the background interfering with the video? He's annoying. LOL.


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