How to Brew Coffee with a Percolator

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  1. SJL 71
    SJL 71 says:

    “Join me for my next video when I’ll be showing you all how to remove coffee stains from ceilings and explaining just how important it is to have a good quality home first aid kit.”

  2. Peter Gola
    Peter Gola says:

    LMAO love your video, haven't laughed this hard in a while. Here's some thoughts:
    1) Your marble counter top is porous and will stain if not cleaned right away.
    2) Have all items ready when making a demo video.
    3) Just unplug it man!
    4) Just for you Bobby: Always have a fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen. Even if it's all electric appliances.
    and lastly
    5) Again, just for you Bobby, NEVER change the motor oil in your car by yourself. At the very least have a friend assist that can turn the engine off for you first.

    PS- Cant wait to see your next video


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