How to Brew Coffee in an AeroPress

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  1. Tim E
    Tim E says:

    so that's like a Vietnamese coffee filter, except with a plunger, a paper filter, and made out of plastic. Oh and about an order of magnitude more expensive.

  2. Ben Watkins
    Ben Watkins says:

    When he says the process should take anywhere from 1:45 to 1:55 in time does he mean the entire process or just the process of pushing the plunger down? because pushing the plunger for me only took like 10 seconds.

  3. Leon Stößel
    Leon Stößel says:

    the best produced tutorial on coffee i have seen, my girlfriend even watched it with me … she likes coffee, but isn´t even interessted in the making 😀 but she was entertained !

  4. Gray House Productions
    Gray House Productions says:

    Awesome video! This brewing method doesn't seem to allow for release of C02. I typically follow this method but I pour a little hot water in, allow the grounds to soak and release gas for 20-40 seconds before I fill and press.

  5. Jillbles
    Jillbles says:

    Bought my Aeropress last year, watched this video, and continued to happily do pour-over until the Aeropress came up in conversation again, today. Just tried it while watching again, and didn't make a total mess of it – yay! Thanks. 🙂

  6. Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan says:

    Good technique.. So many people use the inverted method when all you have to do is introduce a vacuum.. Imo, the inverted method is overrated b/c it has the hot coffee sitting on that rubber bung the whole time which can't be good for the taste..
    Although I like your technique, I do think there are 2 things that you could do to improve your method..
    1. Before plunging, dump any under-infused coffee that might have escaped into the cup as this may introduce some sour notes.
    2. Lower water temp to around 175 degrees as you may be burning your coffee giving undesirable burnt notes..

  7. Sylvia Catalano
    Sylvia Catalano says:

    1) Isn't the AeroPress the same as a French Press, then? Only instead of glass being used with the fancier plunger from a French Press….the AeroPress uses all plastic parts and a paper filter? (So it's same thing…only plastic so easier for camping/or travel, right? Or am I missing something here? lol
    2) Since the AeroPress only uses that solitary little paper filter….does the final cup of coffee have more sediment at the bottom? (or worse…still swirling around in the coffee if you are drinking it right away and hasn't had time to settle down to bottom?


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