How to Brew Coffee in a Chemex

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  1. nhojcam
    nhojcam says:

    there is a problem with his formula for brewing. he should be using 52g of coffee for a 700g brew and should allow a full 90 sec on the bloom. 45 sec is simply not enough time. also, he should have the coffee ground a little courser, so as to allow the water to mostly flow through the coffee and into the chemex thereby achieving a complete brew and a proper extraction. by using a lower gm weight of coffee and a finer grind, he is probably over-extracting and the taste will probably be on the bitter side due to a high presence of CGA's (chlorogenic acids). he is also sacrificing the level of dissolved solids going into the cup by discarding the filter with so much coffee in it. there are other vids on YT which are better than this one for proper proportion'ing. 3:30 should be the cut-off time.

  2. Rick6954
    Rick6954 says:

    I noticed this is one of the only guides where you stir the coffee. I found this to be a successful technique and wanted to say thank you! It helped with underextraction and my crappy kettle technique.

  3. Longhairbear
    Longhairbear says:

    Great video! I have a half gallon Chemex, and original instructions from 1962. I also have the Chemex copper water bath that's used during brewing, and keeping, or reheating the coffee. For 9 cups of coffee, the instructions measure 14 oz. of coffee grind in a wet measuring cup, meaning a glass Pyrex measuring cup. 64 oz of spring water is boiled, and left to sit 4-5 minutes to bring the temp down to under 200 degrees. Water is poured over the grounds to fully wet them, and then add more water as needed, and never pour more than over the level of grounds. the buttons on the carafe, or neck of the carafe tell you when you've poured in enough water. Coffee is kept warm in the water bath, the carafe can be kept in the fridge for days, without a cover, and reheated using the copper water bath.


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