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  1. DHH
    DHH says:

    People, especially the purists crowd, love to say how instant tastes terrible and even bad for your health. To me the taste is subjective as I've had both types and health wise, it doesn't look like there's anything artificial infused with the coffee.

  2. jaynguyenn
    jaynguyenn says:

    Damn the amount of coffee "experts" in this thread… It is not so much that instant coffee is worse/better than fresh-brew; it is about the quality of the beans themselves. If we hold that factor constant, I don't believe a fresh-brew would necessarily be "better" than the instant. In other words, if we fresh-brew shit beans and instant-mix a great quality one, I guarantee the instant coffee wins 10/10.

    I feel that there is this irrational stigma about the words "processed" and "chemical." Sublimation is simply one stage in the process of freeze-drying, which is a preservation method that has been used for decades (i.e. aerospace food). Freeze-drying is literally just the manipulation of pressure and temperature; THAT'S IT. There is no requirement of added chemicals (that is up to the discretion of the manufacturer; not part of freeze-drying).

    It's not like they're manufacturing coffee out of thin air; they're brewing coffee at the first stage! Coffee, like most things, lose their quality over time due to oxidation, moisture, and heat. By freeze-drying the coffee, you're effectively preserving not only the longevity of the product, but the quality itself, reducing the amount of waste due to spoilage or loss in quality. The same debate is going on with "freshness" in general. Is plucking a fish out of the sea and eating it immediately necessarily going to taste the best? Turns out, it doesn't (cue the triggered fish experts).

    This post is probably "TLDR", but it's like what one person once said, nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Feel terrible quoting MLK in a coffee video, but it's crazy how someone could use a personal anecdote to claim a fact.

  3. adam feder
    adam feder says:

    I've tasted instant that was better than some brewed and vise-versa. Just comes down to the brand and how you dress it up. Personally I like a little bit of coffee with my creamer and sugar 🙂

  4. istt
    istt says:

    I am not a coffee drinker but I recently began drinking instant coffee. The coffee market seems to be a lot like the wine market, as Laith pointed out. A lot of snobbery. Hey, I just want a tasty cup of coffee. Yes, tell me what you think is the best but don't condemn those who don't get as wrapped up in it as some "experts." Pretty funny, actually.

  5. TheCoffeeAddictedWriter
    TheCoffeeAddictedWriter says:

    I've switched to instant coffee recently. I love both. Instant at home, brewed when I'm out and about. But, there is only ONE brand of instant coffee I have ever loved.  It's not easy to find either.

  6. 88IDontBuyIt88
    88IDontBuyIt88 says:

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  8. Laura Rothrock
    Laura Rothrock says:

    we like this video much better than the new version of this one. This one provides talking information which is much more useful to us. Great for homeschool lesson. we enjoy freeze dried, more flavorful, over spray dried. Many usrs for instant coffee.

  9. Mr Smith
    Mr Smith says:

    A lot of people don't realize when they buy ground coffee beans that it is cut with other stuff like wood chips as a bulking agent instant coffee is much better and purer.

  10. Laith
    Laith says:

    tbh the debate surrounding brewed vs instant coffee is similar to the debate and snobbery found in the wine community. Taste is subjective and easily influenced and I think people are lying to themselves if they think the "ritual" surrounding brewed coffee has nothing to do with their preference. They don't like the idea that something so easy and instant can taste just as good, while they continue shelling out $5 per cup of coffee prepared by some mustachioed hipster who went to barista school. Meanwhile they probably also think that price directly correlates to quality when it comes to wine, and that sommeliers are gods walking amongst us, even though there have been well documented experiments that show sommeliers can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wines in blind taste tests and that if you pour a cheap wine into a bottle with an expensive label, they'll rate it highly. They'll even pretend to taste vast differences in the same exact wine if it's presented in cheap and expensive bottles side by side, tasting and comparing the "different" wines. And they'll come to the conclusion that the supposedly more expensive wine is better, of course.

    Has anyone done a blind brewed vs instant coffee taste test? I'd love to see it. Better yet, imagine some coffee snob having a cup placed in front of them and being told it's some outrageously expensive brand that hand selects only the most perfect beans from a very rare strain of coffee bean and that the beans were roasted and ground and brewed using state of the art gold plated machinery and that the gold imparts a unique flavor and that it's the only kind of coffee that billionaire Saudi Arabian princes and sheikhs will touch and watch as they fall all over themselves praising the coffee. And then reveal that it's instant coffee.


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