How I Make “Bomb A** Coffee” at home!

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  1. Adriely Moss
    Adriely Moss says:

    I made your coffee 3 times already. First time I did exactly as you do, except for the cocoa nibs and bullet proof oil.
    Second time I did with cold coconut milk (it is really hot in Hawaii), and the third time with peanut butter and I loved with peanut butter, since I made quit a bit, I use the rest of it to make a popsicle. Best thing ever.
    Lots of love for you. <3

  2. Keys Universe
    Keys Universe says:

    I'm so glad I've found an alternative…I'm a little bias because I use to work at Starbucks and I feel like I'm a trader when I try other coffee's, but I want to live a more healthier non-toxic life; so I'm glad I found this video.

  3. Nashya
    Nashya says:

    That looks SO good!😩 I'm more of a tea person but if I do drink coffee it's a cappuccino (I don't know if that's really considered coffee or not…) but I REALLY wanna try your recipe!

  4. S Flecha
    S Flecha says:

    This is my new obsession!!!! I don't grind my own coffee but i have a good quality one. I adjust some of the ingredientes but I completely love this way of making coffee. 😍😍😍😍

  5. LuvlyBuggy
    LuvlyBuggy says:

    @Sunkissalba What made you get an AquaTru? Which is better the Berkey or AquaTru? In your opinion! I am thinking about purchasing a Berkey for my family. Since we moved from California, the water in our new state is terrible and the filter I have doesn't work as well as it did in CA. We are very health conscious and both of our boys are autistic so staying healthy is a must.

  6. Amira Ayman
    Amira Ayman says:

    This is almost exactly how I do it! I just don't blend the coffee and I only blend soy milk with a spoon of coconut milk and coconut sugar and maybe a dash of vanilla powder. perfection ever time!

  7. Mayybearr
    Mayybearr says:

    Lol I love this video so much! Very calming. I am a Barista at Starbucks and I can testify that our drinks don't have to be unhealthy! Our water is 3 times filtered and we always use fresh beans and grind new ones every day.We create an environment that is flexible enough for those who take special care for their health; so we offer sugar free flavors (such as vanilla) and we also have stevia, raw sugar, and all the other variations of sugar as well as a variation of milks.(We're just a tad bit over priced, LOL) What Miss. Alba is doing is what we call a Pour Over coffee, which is one of the better ways of making coffee instead of drip-coffee (standard coffee machine). Also, using a french press is definitely a great option for really fresh coffee! I love this video and I definitely want to give it a shot at home. Love your videos so much !


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