How Do They Make Decaf Coffee? – Big Questions – (Ep.1)

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  1. George Coffey
    George Coffey says:

    I'm pretty sure that photo of the "Green" coffee beans is a photo of roasted beans photoshopped to be green. Actual green coffee beans are a lot less evenly green, and have a waxy look and flecks of yellow chaff on them.

  2. Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez says:

    When I chose this video I expected technical info on the decaff process, not an idiot giving a stupid lecture in "what's the purpose of drinking coffee without caffeine…?!" If I have to justify my preference I would have to say: BECAUSE I LIKE YOU STUPID ASS!!!!!  Besides it is 100% healthier, at least for me it is.

  3. Scottish Bob
    Scottish Bob says:

    I have heard for years that cell phones are safe, in spite of many people believing they’re not safe.

    Having just read Lawrence Lessig’s book ‘Republic, lost – How Money Corrupts Congress—and a Plan to Stop It’.  pp26 discusses this issue. His book states that 68% of industry funded studies state there is a biologic effect from using cell phones.  However the Independently funded studies state 67% did find a biologic effect.

    From what I have read and by nature I believe phones are safe.  However my question is: Are cell phones safe?  Is there an industry cover up?

  4. RushBuzzing
    RushBuzzing says:

    I'm surprised to note that he didn't mention that de-caf was discovered in the 1800s when a shipload of coffee beans sank and was salvaged.  Upon drying out the load, it was discovered that they contained significantly less caffeine than originally.

  5. Tipsy River
    Tipsy River says:

    My mom started drinking decaf recently and I watched this video hoping to hear that it's made out of dirt or something, maybe then she would stop drinking it… Why would anyone drink decaf indeed.


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