Homemade Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua) | Holiday Gift Idea #5

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  1. Sonny Berry
    Sonny Berry says:

    Kahlua IS made from rum – white rum not vodka.  Great simple recipe thank you.  My only change would be using premium fresh ground dark roast or espresso beans versus instant.

  2. kobaltsev
    kobaltsev says:

    Love the camera work, in your video. You have some beautiful shots there and it was a pleasure to watch.  The best part was seeing you use Rum.  It's nice to know I have some creative options to work with when experimenting in the kitchen.  Great job.

  3. Maggie Koch
    Maggie Koch says:

    This is cool to watch. I think I will make some over the month I have off from school in two weeks. It looks easy enough and something to curl up with and share with my fiancé.

  4. Eileen LeValley
    Eileen LeValley says:

    Wow, look at the haters on here. I made this four times it was excellent. So what if they used Rum and not Vodka, it's called "being creative". Try it some time, maybe you won't be so mean and nasty. Great recipe, I loved it and so did my friends. Thanks for posting.

  5. mcgyversworld
    mcgyversworld says:

    Rum? WRONG! Glycerine? WRONG!… HELLO,,, Its no longer Kahlua!
    Yet it is an unknown coffee liqueur!
    Cannot be used to make Colorado Bulldogs or White Russians or any other
    Kahlua drink! Vodka is used in making Kahlua!
    Now our viewing audience knows the difference!
    I done a little searching on your recipe, file not found, as of yet,
    But it is definitely not KAHLUA! This is why You Tube is so deceitful!

  6. Ms Kimlo
    Ms Kimlo says:

    I love coffee, but had to cut down big time. This is really a nice recipe especially for the holidays and winter season here in Vegas. It's gets pretty darn cold here : )

  7. simpledishes
    simpledishes says:

    There are 2 types of glycerin — one is edible and can be used in food products. The other is not. We made sure to use the edible version! 🙂 We're using it here as a thickening agent.


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