Homemade Coffee Descaler – How to video

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  1. R Graham
    R Graham says:

    This makes perfect sense now… People follow BUNN's instructions to use vinegar, their seals disintegrate, their machines leak, BUNN gets another sale. Never again will I use Vinegar in my machine.

  2. Artūrs Šilaks
    Artūrs Šilaks says:

    As many people have pointed out, vinegar is not recommended since it may be a bit too strong for the inner components and might attack them.
    The Saeco Descaling Solution that is usually sold for about 10 euros contains nothing more than diluted lactic acid.
    Generally, any weak carboxylic acid (citric, tartaric etc.) will do the trick and get rid of lime deposits even in places with extremely hard water.

  3. PJ Butler
    PJ Butler says:

    Makes sense with the citrus acid solution. I used it to help flush out our water softener from time to time whilst The vinegar solution doesn't last but a couple of days

  4. Raiden X
    Raiden X says:

    I use the filter water from the fridge dorr which has the carbon filter on it. Does carbon water filter remove lime scale and calcium carbonate from the water?


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