Easy to Make Coffee Table with Lift Up Top

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  1. Troy Nall
    Troy Nall says:

    have you ever had a allergenic reaction to linseed oil and that yellow wood glue ?

    i had glue in a cuticle(i thought i had gotten in all off my hands). then when i went to apply the linseed oil, some of which had gotten on my finger(in the cuticle). my finger swelled up to about x3 times it's normal thickness. scared the heck out of me. i ran into kitchen and placed finger in cold running water. i dug out the glue from cuticle and swelling in my finger went down immediately. to this day, my finger is still stiff and the very tip joint. AND now i wear full hand,eye and breathing gear.

  2. Benjamin Filbert
    Benjamin Filbert says:

    Say it with me, people. ALUMINIUM

    But seriously, if you're going to use walnut, why cheapen it with aluminium? Make the base out of Walnut as well.

    And when you're gluing wood, remember that clamps are your friend.

  3. Nick Pooler
    Nick Pooler says:

    Are there other ways to but joint aluminum tubing other than brazing? I am making a coffee table for a friend next weekend, and I have never brazed aluminum before, and dont want to try it for the first time on someone else's project. Thanks!

  4. Richard Nguyen
    Richard Nguyen says:

    Hi, have you had any kink sound or crack sound when the frame cooldown? I am using the same brazing rod brand, and a MAP torch, I still hear hear crack sound.

    Also what kind of clamp are you using @2:00, to prevent the whole set up shifting? I was avoiding brazing those spots because you also heat the previous joint made and it could mess the nice job.
    Do you have any tip to braze in those spot?

  5. Peter Horn
    Peter Horn says:

    David, did you use wipe on poly after the BLO? Second question, why did you do BLO then poly instead of your oil-poly blend?

    Beautiful finish. I'm going to make a dresser out of walnut plywood and want it to look as nice as your coffee table!

  6. GettingDustyWoodWorks
    GettingDustyWoodWorks says:

    Hey David. I really love this project although I can't afford the lift mount but I'm interested in just building a top like a normal coffee table. I have a question though. Where do I get walnut ply wood and what size it that coffee table? I subscribed to you and if you haven't already can you please subscribe to me. It would be mean a lot thanks Anthony .

  7. Maksiwa USA
    Maksiwa USA says:

    Very nice work. We are a company that produce woodwork machines. See our portable edgebander that will help you to necklace your edge bands at your panel. You have a perfect finish panel in less than 5 minutes. See our channel. We can help you at your next projects.

  8. Jeremy Maclou
    Jeremy Maclou says:

    Hi, first of all great video. Definitely learnt a lot there. Just quickly i am making a lift top coffee table but the top is thicker and has draws in it. I was just wondering what lift top mechanism would be good for this. maybe looking for a weight limit of 50-100kg. thanks in advance.


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