DIY – pallet coffee table

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  1. PolyWolves
    PolyWolves says:

    Nice tutorial! Your pallets are a really perfect though so most people trying this at home with older pallets will not have such an easy time dismantling them. The space between and the width of the planks can also be different.

  2. fumgee
    fumgee says:

    Hi there…This is awesome. I would love to learn woodwork. Did you get special training ? I'm exploring classes in my area but I haven't had much luck. Pls I would appreciate your advice…Thank you 😄

  3. jose anleu
    jose anleu says:

    This is what I call a real DIY craft. Not using all those expensive electric tools that, obviously makes easy the job, but the minorities doesn't own. Plus is a woman so men better take note on their DIY

  4. Emer Henry
    Emer Henry says:

    Absolutely fabulous job. I didn't envy you sawing all that with the little saw you had. Well done. And so wonderfully well finished too. Definitely a creation to be proud of for years to come 🙂


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