Coffee on the sand قهوة على الرمل old one ,,

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  1. 525Lines
    525Lines says:

    The sand distributes and retains heat, which is extra handy when you're working with a wood fire. The coffee therefore can't be easily scorched. It makes sense as a cooking medium. The principle's a bit like our slow cookers.

  2. creu007
    creu007 says:

    I'm guessing the increased heat from various parts of the wok (& sand) instantly boils the coffee, which makes it seem to appear from nowhere, when really it's just expanding in the metal cup…

  3. زايد
    زايد says:

    لا توجد ميزة اخرى هي فقط درجة حرارة معينة للقهوة سواء غاز او جمر او رمل ولو بالحجر او الماء الساخن …وربما سقط شي من الرمل في الكوب ويكون مضر ..والله اعلم

  4. القهوة التركية
    القهوة التركية says:

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  5. Zman Alzamanan
    Zman Alzamanan says:

    البدو عندنا يسوونها من قديم يحطون الدلال وسط التراب اللي جنب الضو "النار" وهي تغش "تفور" … بس انتوا يدهشكم اي شي :d

  6. Masay Lee
    Masay Lee says:

    The coffee is fucking hot and you drink it from those fucking plastic cups! Always use glass, you retards!

    Why ? Because you should know that :
    "When it comes to Bisphenol A exposure from polycarbonate plastic bottles, it's not whether the container is new or old but the liquid's temperature that has the most impact on how much BPA is released, according to new research. BPA is one of many man-made chemicals classified as endocrine disruptors, which alter the function of the endocrine system by mimicking the role of the body's natural hormones."


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