Coffee: From Bean to Brew | Mike Cooper

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  1. Maï Cook à l'âne
    Maï Cook à l'âne says:

    I'll have to keep on trying until I like the taste of coffee but one thing is sure, the smell of coffee beans being roasted is heavenly (and it reminds me of good childhood memories). Thanks for sharing with us how it's done, Mike!

  2. Maxwell Fong
    Maxwell Fong says:

    To be completely honest, I never had an interest in coffee, until I saw Mike Cooper's videos. He is smart, funny and very passionate in sharing his love of coffee and that strongly affected me. Hope that Mike will share some more recipes, or give a detailed introduction on coffee to beginners like how Becky introduced tea. One question though, if there is a "first crack", is there a "second crack" or "third crack"? Anyway, great vid!


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