Bulletproof Coffee, How to make Bulletproof Coffee EASY & DELICIOUS!

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  1. shrimper
    shrimper says:

    Have you really tried this, I mean really tried it? You sound very convinced that this works but have you tried it for at least 6 months? Surely there are side effects especially when one drinks the quantity that you just prepared. You say that you interviewed David Asprey but of course he will say it works because it's his business.

    PROMETHEUS 587 says:

    I just started this but I use 3scoops of coffee from a Tbsp. 2tbsp of the salted version of the grass fed butter of the kerrygold (gold wrapper, not silver), and 2Tbsp of Coconut oil and its worked out amazing so far for me. I am a picky eater but could always handle any drink. This I am happy to report acutally tastes really good to me. Never drank coffee before I found Bulletproof a few days ago. Great for adding fat to a keto diet or fitting more calories in for muscle training. This with extreme milk chocolate whey Protein is also great, Makes it taste more like a mild hot coco.

  3. Brett David
    Brett David says:

    I was making bulletproof for quite some time with MCT, and a friend suggested it's not as 'healthy' as coconut oil, as it's processed. came across an article that suggested while it's certainly not unhealthy or bad for you, in processing MCTs it misses out on lauric acid which is one of the most beneficial MCTs found in coconut oil (about 50℅ of coconut oil MCT is lauric acid) and why we use them. anyone else have any info on this/thoughts?


    Kerrygold butter is delicious, but sadly it isn't organic(Still better for you than regular butter though), I bought tons of it before finding out. I read this on their own website, so I'm positive about it(I didn't want to believe it). I am now enjoying the organic grass-fed pastured butter from Organic Valley in the green package from the health store. I'm not knocking your video in any way, I just thought you'd want to know, hearing how excited you are when describing the butter as organic. Thanks for the video=).

  5. marie v
    marie v says:

    it was obvious that coconut oil takes second place to the MCT oil. You used the MCT in both the tea and the coffee. At first when making the coffee you regretfully picked up the coconut oil but immediately placed it back down and reached for the MCT. Hmm.. I assume your pushing the MCT

  6. Kay
    Kay says:

    You have already ruined the coffee. If you leave coffee in the french press much ore than 4 minutes it starts to get bitter. Four minutes is best. I will try the recipe though, just will be more careful with the time.

  7. tone burgess
    tone burgess says:

    been makeing this for years in UK, we make tea or coffee with milk before adding butter an salt, as for grass fed, all our animals live off grass here, in winter they get silage and hay.

  8. Bieber Ninja
    Bieber Ninja says:

    how are we supposed to take all of these ingredients to school or work for a mid morning bulletproof coffee?

    lugging around butter and a blender and all those containers? where do you wash them,this is crazy

  9. sclaysdharma
    sclaysdharma says:

    Yea, Dave is a marketing genius, although he certainly was not the first person to come up with the idea of adding fats to hot beverages.  And I can't get on board with the idea of using  MCT oil instead of coconut oil.  Why would you be concerned about you butter being natural and not processed, but not your coconut oil?  MCT, or fractionated coconut oil has been processed and had all, if not most of one of the most beneficial fatty acid component(lauric acid) removed from it. Why?, because lauric acid is the most valuable component of coconut oil and it can be sold separately at a premium.  Sure, MCT oil may have a better ratio of C6-C10 fatty acids, but at what expense? And I do think grass fed ghee is a better option than the butter; especially for those with some lactose intolerance issues. Nice video though.  I'm sure Dave appreciates the plug. 

  10. Jay Thompson
    Jay Thompson says:

    Have been drinking BP Coffee for a few months. Not sure if when you made this Kerry Gold may of had a different wrapper. But there are measured lines for table spoons. Either way great video. Love this stuff

  11. snnnoopy
    snnnoopy says:

    Here's my question, okay so say you drink this but at some point of the day you have to eat.  Like if you workout you might have some whey powder drink or just food. So if you are burning fat due to keystones, what happens to the food that you eat? Do you burn those calories too or what?


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