best way to make coffee on the fire

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  1. varicodin
    varicodin says:

    When i was younger my parents took me camping on a lake in the michigan UP. After our first night we woke to the horror of finding our coffee had not been ground. Feeling kinda desperate i walked along the beach until i found a couple of stones i could use as a makeshift pestle and mortar. I ground the coffee by hand. It was the best coffee i ever had, the ground stone really added something to the flavor 😛 .
    A little trick i know for making coffee like what you were just doing: put the coffee in a coffee filter. fold the filter up over the coffee and twist it off so that its in a ball shape. get a tea strainer and put the coffee and filter in it. Then just drop it in the water and let it boil… presto coffee without grounds… 🙂


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