Basic Coffee Enema Procedure Part 1: Coffee Enema Recipe

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  1. Ly Kri
    Ly Kri says:

    I have good news for those who are concerned about not purging completely. I have been doing CEs for over a year and recently I started to drink vinegar in my water. I drank so much that first day that I purged coffee eight times in one day. The next day I purged twice. As I continued to drink vinegar in water–for two months now–vinegar water has continued to be helpful when I could not purge my morning CE. It does not seem to matter which vinegar. I have used three different kinds and they each worked the same.

  2. Miche Miche
    Miche Miche says:

    Also this was my experience . .. word of caution if you are prone to dehydration take a day to water and electrolyte up and hydrate up right away after because it dried me up

  3. Gina Sigman
    Gina Sigman says:

    I've had one so far. I have a lot of digestive problems and aches due to an unhealthy thyroid and a parathyroid adenoma. It did help me feel better! I am definitely gunna do another!

  4. Lapamato Geiming
    Lapamato Geiming says:

    I must ask, how does the coffee in my bumhole do anything besides make my farts smell like coffee? I would like to know the science behind this. also what is penis symptom and doesn't the organic coffee made with distilled water do the same job if I just drink it?

  5. Benjamin Farnsworthy
    Benjamin Farnsworthy says:

    I love that feeling and the 'break through' when I can't hold that half gallon of coffee inside my butt and I just blow it all over the toilet, hoping for a direct hit. Once I just couldn't make it and evacuated in the bathtub. Talk about a major clean up after that one.

  6. Grey Line
    Grey Line says:

    Hi. Instead of throughly researching this topic myself I listened to a friend who regularly does this for healthy body and mind. She forgot to mention the coffee must be ground and I bought organic instant . As you can imagine I'm panicking. I've actually just finished the procedure which was unpleasant to say the least. 1000ml of water! I held it for less than 5mins. Will I be ok because I used instant? Please reply! Thank you so much for sharing this video with other users. Your information is no nonsense and straight to the point.

  7. lookinggrl
    lookinggrl says:

    I found this information very helpful. However, I was confused by the recommendation of roasted coffee beans. Everything I have seen regarding coffee enemas states to use organic green coffee. Will you please clarify. Thank you.

  8. Paula Burke
    Paula Burke says:

    Hello. May I ask you where did you get that filtered water? I noticed you had a huge glass water container on a stand like what you see in an office, I have 2 teens and u never stop caring heavy PLASTIC bottles of water and its been playing on my mind PLASTIC and should I buy a water distiller also, was thinking a week of spring water a week of distiller water… But your great big glass container of water really caught my attention so nice to have water on the spot even though I don't have the space who care when it comes to our health… By the way been doing the coffee enema and thank you so much

  9. Jeff Christian
    Jeff Christian says:

    You obviously don't realize how bad coffee is for your body. Let alone bypassing your liver completely. You might think this is helping is like shooting up coffee with a needle straight into you vein. It is pretty much the same thing.

  10. Drew Cranson
    Drew Cranson says:

    Howdy, thanks for the vid, very good. Two questions. I'm having trouble holding it? Takes up to 5 to get it all in and then hold for 5 and I'm ready to expel. Any tips on holding longer? When people say it got rid of worms or parasites, is that evident when you just look or are people doing some sort of sifting? Thanks in advance!


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