ASMR | Making Coffee from Start to Finish

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  1. Mitchell Stevens
    Mitchell Stevens says:

    Great video. I love the sound of the coffee grinding. Just a few tips from a barista, use a coarse grind for a French Press so no coffee gets through the filter, plus less grinding. Also, let the coffee steep in the water for three minutes before plunging the press for a coffee with more body and flavor. 🙂

  2. yuor cat
    yuor cat says:

    just about to go to sleep to this until I hear my XBOX turn on by itself

    edit: it did this again at the same time the day after, but I think it's due to updates so

  3. Kim Hunter
    Kim Hunter says:

    Girrrrrrll buy youself an electric spice grinder !!! Works great on coffee beans and you'll have that much more time to actually enjoy your coffee ;))) nearly 20 mins spent on grinding the beans the cave man way.

  4. 264011
    264011 says:

    thanks for this great video! coffee is one of my passions. and while i've already seen all the comments saying you underextracted the coffee, (you usually should do 4-6min) i think it's also worth noting that for french press brews the beans should NOT be ground that fine. it's gonna make it taste bad. french press requires some of the most coarse grain coffee. yours was ground enough by 15 minutes of mortar and pestle haha. i understand a lot of it was for the sound though 🙂 thank you mixedasmr. have a nice day

  5. melanie
    melanie says:

    If you swirl the pestle around inside the mortar more instead of grinding it in one area at a time, this video wouldnt have to be an hour long for one tedious cup of coffee.


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